We must cherish the earth we still have – An art installation with food for thought.

We want to create an installation in Marmorkirken out of paper, where thousands of pink cherry blossoms will be hanging from the ceiling to remind us of the spring we love, the world we live in, and to cherrish it while we still have it. The thousands of cherry blossoms are folded by crepe paper, during a series of workshops and “community-workshops” in collaboration with the church and local institutions and schools. This ensures that the project has a local anchorage so that people will meet and start a conversation. Commitment free perhaps, but carried by the intimacy and engagemnet that occurs when you sit down with something (other than the mobile phone) between your hands. We want to mix the cards, the generations, the children and the adults, the believers and the non-believers. The cherry blossoms in the installation remind us of, that we are a part of nature and that it may not be so for very long, if we as humans do nothing to slow down the climate change and help the earth to regain its balance. We must appreciate the earth we still have.

The UN’s 17 World goals

The project is based on the climate changes and their influence on our seasons and the culture that the seasons have created over time, such as through ecclesiastical actions and the hymn’s century-long poetry. We are based on the UN’s 17 world goals for a better world, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The 17 goals reflect a common and humanistic vision of humanity and the planet we inhabit. The idea of ​​the project is that we must change ourselves before we can change the world. We must change our thinking pathways, our behavior and our patterns of consumption and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.


Living in the north is one of the most beautiful things, because we get to experience the four seasons; winter, spring summer and autumn. The seasons have become so familiar to us that we almost don’t think about it whether they come or not. We take them for granted. However, the constant climate change is pushing the expectations we have for the seasons. The summer is wet and clouded, the winters are mild and windy. Autumn is hot and spring is cold and it’s snowing, but we can still recognize our seasons for a little while…


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