Magasin du Nord – 150th Anniversary

2018, Magasin, Copenhagen and Aarhus

For the 150th birthday of Magasin du Nord, Veronica Hodges decorated the department store’s lightwell with balloons and confetti. Hodges also created elements for a “time machine”, designed by Playground Marketing. The time machine let visitors learn about the history of Magasin from 1868 to 2018 by showing them symbols from different time periods. For the machine, Hodges produced a barbie doll version of a Dior-inspired iconic red dress made by Magasin in 1955 and a ferris wheel with two doll versions of the founders of Magasin, Theodor Wessel and Emil Vett. The time machine was presented in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

All artwork © 2010 Veronica Hodges
Stockholmsgade 3, kld, 2100 København