Collaboration with Kat Florence

In working with my paper installations I always aim to combine a visual experience with a story I feel is important to tell.

Meeting with Kat Florence and learning how she works, has given me a lot of stories to tell. The one that keeps coming back for me is, learning that each of kat Florence gems are unique and has a history behind it. In my work this becomes a story of reaching out for a precious moment or special occasion that makes the difference for us an individuals.

The story being told here; is that of a hummingbird reaching out for its nectar. On one side there is the stars that lightens up the birds path and on the other side there is a thicket that can make him loose his way.

So to transfer this image into content; we are bound between polarities when we make important choices. We must not forget that each step we take is bound to a history before us and we are able to form our lives and create our patterns with the intension we bring into it. 

May your path in life become at pattern you are proud of… that is for me what nectar of life is about.

All artwork © 2010 Veronica Hodges
Stockholmsgade 3, kld, 2100 København